The Halloween Outfit Of The Day Project

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On the last day of September this year, I was doing my usual FaceTiming with my parents, like any other college student. My mother said she had a little present for me to help with my homesickness, but it was a surprise and she wasn't going to tell me what it was. The next day, this "gift" of mine was posted on Instagram for the world to see, though she made it clear for me, it was in my honor. You see my mother loves Halloween. Scratch that, she eat, sleeps, and breathes Halloween. October is by far the greatest month of the year, and the fact that it is her birthday month only makes it even better. That being said, during the Halloween holiday season, my household becomes a costume headquarters. It felt weird being away at school this year and not be able to experience the chaos of Halloween back home, so to help me with this homesickness, my mothers gift to me was to post an Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) on Instagram for me for every day of October, only with Halloween costumes. 

Now that October is Over, I shall share with you all the creativity and Halloween costumes of Katrina Kruse.

October 1st: Baby being born.
I feel the need to mention October 1st is my mother's birthday, so this one felt appropriate to her.

October 2nd: Kooky Spook
I'm not entire sure what this is supposed to be, but enjoy a childhood costume of my mothers!

October 3rd: Maleficent

October 4th: Sophia from Golden Girls

October 5th: Reverse Cowgirl

October 6th: Richard Simmons and Dee Snider
Throwback from 1996, and yes that is my manly father as Richard Simmons.

October 7th: Mexican Wrestler

October 8th: Candy Girls
Gotta love Freshman year, eh Francine?

October 9th: Slash

October 10th: Benjamin Franklin

October 11th: Teddy Roosevelt

October 12th: Easter Witch
Because everyone knows that Sweden's scariest holiday is Easter!

October 13th: Jack Nicholson
We discovered the resemblance on accident.

October 14th: Linda Belcher from Bob's Burgers

October 15th: A woman and hockey player
Ladies and gentlemen, meet my beloved Godparents

October 16th: Regular and Travel-sized Toothpaste (and NJ Housewife)
Fine Al, you win cutest child costume...

October 17th: Joan Rivers, a tribute

October 18th: Tootsie Pop Owl
I received a phone call from my mother saying "I went to the thrift store asking for a bird beak and they didn't have one! So I got a duck beak instead.. Do you think anyone will notice?"

October 19th: Little German
"Do you speak a foreign language?" "I know a little German."

October 20th: Bad Santa and Fitness guru
Meet my brother(s): Al Kruse (right) and Sam Paulson (left)

October 21st: Santa Lucia
The Cow-Flicka of Sveirge!

October 22nd: Fatal Attraction
My mother's coworker, Amber.

October 23rd: Grim Reaper and (angry) 50s Girl
I insisted I needed "angry eyebrows" to complete my costume.

October 24th: Boxer

October 25th: Little Edie from Grey Gardens
I suggest you look up "Little Edie dance" on Youtube, as my mother nailed this costume.

October 26th: Elf
She's the same size as an elf too, if I may add.

October 27th: Prince
Honoring Minnesota's own Royalty.

October 28th: Madonna

October 29th: Tobias Funke from Arrested Developement
Forever one of my favorites, claps to Uncle Claire!

October 30th: Snow Princess, Turtle, and Banjo Kazooie
Welcome to Halloween in Minnesota.

October 30th p. 2: Blind Man, Bride, and Boxer
Following my mother's footsteps, it seems.

October 30th p. 3: Prince, Dr. Fink, Evel Knievel, Rockabilly Zombie, Pimp, Wizard, Scary Spice and the Grim Reaper 

October 31st: Triangle Sally
Filmed at the restaurant my brother works at. I'm so sorry Al.

Well folks, if we've learned anything here, it's that you will never be able to beat Mother Kruse at her Halloween game, so don't even try. My favorite memories from this journey include my brother, Al, asking my mom "What the HELL is happening in our house? I am finding Halloween costumes all over the place.." and then my personal favorite was when I had a phone conversation with my mother that went like the following...

KT: "Audrey, I need you to talk to you father.."

Audrey: "Regarding what?"

KT: "Well, it's that I have a GREAT Wrecking Ball costume and he won't help me do it!!!!"

Audrey: "Ew no, mom stop, please. I don't want to he-"

KT: "NO. All I need him to do is take the picture, I have the rest covered."

We never ended up being gifted with a Wrecking Ball photo, so if you need someone to blame, point all fingers to my father, Paul Kruse.

Happy belated Halloween everyone!