One Name Two Stories: March.

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I'm afraid I'm falling into the habit of updating you all on mine and Audrey's life, once it's nearly the next month. So, sorry about that. I once heard this unique saying though "better late than never," perhaps you've heard it before? Let's apply that to this situation here.

ANYWAY. March was an incredibly busy month for both Audrey Hayes and I, with happy and sad events happening to both of us. So that being said, let's hop right to it!

Audrey Kruse:

This month synchro season came in full swing and whatever time I had available, I spend it cutting music, writing routines, practicing routines, repeat. Yet somehow, there is still so so so much work left to be done.. (I'm not stressed out, I swear.. I'm also not lying, this I do not swear..) I spend a full weekend in March sitting in a classroom and cold pool training to be a certified lifeguard, and sidenote - lifeguarding is not as easy as it seems my goodness! It all paid off though, seeing that I am now a Red Cross certified lifeguard. But I think the most exciting part of my March was our family vacation to Zihuatanejo, Mexico! I had already written a separate blog post about this trip, so if you haven't read it, you can read about it here! After we returned home from our trip to Mexico, the Kruse's were received a new family member, that we all can't stop gushing over... We adopted a 4-year-old yellow (more white than yellow) lab named Carson. Carson is one of the sweetest, most loving and kind dogs I have ever met, even our cat loves him! He seems to fit in great with our family and he's really getting comfortable around our home. Some things we have learned about him: He loves cauliflower, bananas, and toast. He has a favorite tennis ball that he insists we use, he will not touch other tennis balls. If two people are hugging, he will jump up and join in. He is a massive, massive cuddler. And he has taken up the nicknames of Cement-Head, Cauliflower, and 'Lil Sebastian. The last thing discovered in the month of March was that it appears that I look a lot like Justin Bieber.. Photo below.

Girl and Dog

'Lil Sebastian

Cuddle Bug

Audrey or Justin Bieber??

Audrey Hayes:

Audrey had started off her March seeing one of her favorite bands, All Time Low, once again only this time at the Wembley Arena, which I'm sure must sound familiar to a lot of you, no? Audrey has also became a nanny for two adorable British children, ages 5 and 6. A quote to go with it - "You think children are cute? Try two adorable children with British accents..." I died at the thought. The weather seemed beautiful in London, as spring is coming which led to Audrey finding herself a daily routine which includes (after class) walking through the beautiful, more touristy, spots of London (just to check up on them), before discovering hidden nooks of the cities and finding parks and coffee shops to just lie in the grass with her "homies" which are deer. While I went to Mexico for spring break, Audrey took a spring break trip with her friend Rachel to Slovenia and Italy. Hearing Audrey talk about Slovenia made me picture a kid in a candy shop... She said it was one of the most beautiful places she had ever seen. Audrey and Rachel had stayed in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana (please don't ask me to pronounce this..) and spent lots of time just exploring the old city. They rented a boat and visited a few castles, including one castle that Audrey explained as "beautiful but creepy at night" as it was decorated in eerie yellow lights and rested on the edge of a cliff. From Slovenia they took the train to Venice, Italy and had themselves a foodie vacation.  They roamed the streets and canals and ate all the stereotypical food you could imagine: canolis, pizza, bread, pasta, gelato... LOTS of gelato, etc. Finally, Audrey ended the month by coming home! Audrey flew back to Minnesota to surprise her sisters for her younger sister, Irene's birthday. I was able to briefly catch up and spend some time with Audrey, not nearly as much as I'd like though. It was a bittersweet trip for her, though. As she left, she had to say goodbye to her childhood home, since her parents had sold it and are moving at the end of April. Alas, enjoy pictures from Audrey.

Beautiful day in London
ATL at Wembley Arena
Audrey ft. Gelato in Venice


Audrey squared reunited!

Also a Silver Lake Crew Reunion
The three sisters in front of their childhood home, one last time.

There was one more tragic event that had happened to Audrey and I this, in addition to the rest of the population... Zayn Malik had decided to leave One Direction. When Audrey flew home, we were all able to mourn together over this horrible loss, and while the zayn-pain hasn't gotten easier, we have been able to use each others shoulders to cry on. So let us dedicate this post to our favorite amigo, Zayn. This one is for you bud. (Enjoy this vine from Buzzfeed)



When in Zihuatanejo..

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As you may or may not know, my family and I decided to take a vacation this Spring to the lovely fisherman town of Zihuatanejo (famous from the Shawshank Redemption, which would explain the Shawshank themed restaurants outside our hotel). Zihuatanejo is located right on the Pacific ocean near the equator.  Joining us on this trip included myself, my mother, my father, my grandmother, my brother, and his good friend Sam.

I would go on and on explaining about how wonderful the food was, how lovely our hotel was, how nice the ocean felt, etc. But I think pictures and videos will do the best justice? So please, enjoy. I can't there is a single person I would not suggest visit this place.. My family is already planning our next trip there in February and are inviting anything that moves to come with us.

Enjoy my professional film-making skills. As you can see, I clearly know what I'm doing... *Be sure to watch in HD!*

Flying in to Zihua

At the top of this hill lies the Hotel Irma

The view from the pool (which we didn't swim in too often)

Walking through the outdoor hallways of the Irma

Hotel room view with a "naturally" heated hot tub

Another room view

Valeria's - a favorite

Coconut shrimp on coconut shrimp on coconut shrimp

One of my favorite details of Zihuatanejo

Playa Las Gatas

Favorite shop

Local church

Lil amigo


One last sunset before going home :'(

Well.... Have I convinced you to go yet?