I'm alive (and I'm sorry).

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Three months. Three long months. That's how long it has been since I have last posted.

I could bore you with lots of excuses for why I've been so absent, but the truth behind it is - I've been incredibly lazy. I mean sure I have had a lot happening in my life and been a busy bee, but I've missed being a busy blogger. I guess what I'm trying to get at is that I miss you all, I miss writing, and sharing my world with you.

That being said, there is something I'd like to share with you: I have decided to make-over I am audacious, with a new domain, a new layout, and a new purpose to it. I've officially declared myself as  a "lifestyle/fashion" blog. If those words scare you away, please do not worry, I still plan to continue storytelling, ranting, reviewing, etc. I just am finally deciding to "label" myself and incorporate my first love (fashion) into my second love (writing).

Now that I have that off my back, let me give a quick update on what's been happening in the life of Audrey these past three months . . .

I've finally finished my first year of college! I have to be completely honest and say that I would have never imagined to be where I am now, a year ago. I am happy, for the most part though. I love being as independent as I am, but this whole "school for four more years" thing is kind of getting to my head... Each day I find myself hungrier for exploration and adventure. I want to be learning about the world while experiencing what it's like, rather than sitting in a classroom learning about it. I'm sure this is the first time you've heard about a situation like this, right? Anyways I'm taking advantage of summer vacation before the fall semester creeps up on me. This summer I'm definitely keeping myself busy though! At this moment, I have four different jobs. Once the synchro season finished, I threw myself into many different summer jobs to save up as much as I can. I am currently employed as a server/bartender at a golf course, a Youth & Family programs employee at the American Swedish Institute, a sales associate at a local boutique called Primrose Park, and then when I'm in need of extra hours, I pick up shifts at my father's warehouse cleaning glasses. Paying my dues, I'd like to think.

So speaking outside of the adult world of working, at the end of May, my two best friends from ASU  - Drew and Jasmyne - came to Minnesota to visit me! It was such a fun weekend with them, and I think I may have helped them realize that the Midwest really isn't all that bad. Fast forward a month, I met up with them the last week of June in San Francisco for a little vacation (which I will talk about in another post). Sadly, all of my travels are over for this summer though, and I am now trying to fight the post-vacation blues for the rest of summer.

In other news, when I haven't been working or traveling, I have been doing LOTS of thrifting and shopping, and really making over my closet.. I just can't control myself whenever I step into any sort of thrift or consignment store - especially now that I'm looking for items for my new home in the fall! I also (finally) treated myself to a Moleskine© planner for this upcoming school year which has totally gotten me in this super-organized, like freakily organized. I also have a few concerts coming up and I will be sure to make some outfits posts about that.  Lastly, I finally got with the rest of the world and downloaded the app called PHHHOTO ® and I am just obsessed with it. If you aren't familiar with this app, it takes 4 photos at a time and turns them into GIF sets, super cute - follow me on it! @audacious

Well, I hope you all forgive for my lack of posts.. I'm back! Now enjoy some photos of my life these past three months or so. Also, I hope you are all looking forward to the changes coming with I am audacious, I can't wait to watch my blog mature and grow!



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